Jindalee - Diving in (Vela Special Edition)

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Jindalee is a Berlin based singer, songwriter and producer from Canada. Her unique sound is rooted in electronic music that connects human experience with nature and intuitive emotion. Her first NFT drop is a special edition of her latest album Vela with the unreleased Song "Entanglement". Vela is a dive into the human experience with nature. It is about using all your senses to experience the beauty in the sensual world around you. The songs are summery, warm, watery and vibey. The sounds and lyrics I wrote to replicate the feeling of being in the sea, floating on the surface of the water, feeling the air in your lungs. The unreleased track, Entanglement, was written after delving into some of the main ideas of quantum physics. I wrote the song to mimic the flow of particles, synchronizing through space and time in states of quantum entanglement. The arpeggio synth lines that sometimes line up and sometimes fall off timing are how I imagine particles finding their ways through the universe.

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